Steps to Get Started

Steps for quick start with the plugin.

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To make your first experience with the plugin as simple as possible we created this short list of to-do items. Follow them one by one to install, activate and set-up plugin in a few minutes.

The list contains short descriptions of each step with additional links to full guide articles.

Get started steps

1. Install and activate the Share This Image plugin. More.

2. Check the plugin settings page. More.

3. Check display rules. With these special options it is possible to choose what images on what pages must be available for sharing. More.

4. Set sharing button. Enable/disable sharing buttons that must be visible on your site. More.

5. Finish! From now sharing buttons must work on selected pages ( based on current display rules ).

Please note that that list covers only a small part of all available plugin options. You can also play with the buttons styles, content customization, shortcodes, blocks, etc.