How to limit image sharing for specific pages

Learn how to use the Selector option to enable image sharing only for specific pages.

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Share This Image plugin gives you the great option to make shareable any image on your site ( and even not only images ).
All magic comes from the Selector option from the plugin settings page. By default it is set to img.

Default selector option

Default selector option

This means that all images on your site will be available for sharing ( of course, if their sizes are fit to those ones that are specified inside Minimal width and Minimal height options of the plugin settings page ).

But what to do if we need to enable image sharing only for specific pages? In this case we will need to customize an already known to us Selector option.

There are different cases depending on what pages we need sharing to be active - single unique page, archive pages, single post page, etc. Below we will consider examples of such page types.

Single page

If it is a single unique page that is created via Page -> Add New admin page then you can just use the selector option with this page ID to limit image sharing for this page only. For example, we have a page with ID 123. Then just set the Selector option value to

.page-id-123 img

Also you can specify several such pages by using commas. For example use

.page-id-123 img, .page-id-456 img

to enable image sharing only for pages with IDs 123 and 456.

Selector option for certain pages

Selector option for certain pages

Archive pages

For example, you want to share the images inside all archive pages like categories, tags, date, author, etc. To archive this just use selector

.archive img

Product categories archive pages

To enable image sharing on category archive pages just use selector

.archive.category img

If you want to be more specific and enable sharing only on certain category archive pages then use selector

.category-{ID} img

where {ID} - category term ID.

For example, if we want to enable sharing only for category term Featured that has ID 345 than we just need to use selector

.category-345 img

Or it is also possible to use category slug like

.category-featured img

Custom taxonomy archive pages

If you are using any custom taxonomy and it has its own archive page that you can limit the plugin to work only on those archive pages. Just use selector

.tax-{taxonomy_slug} img'

For example for custom taxonomy product_cat selector will looks like

.tax-product_cat img

Single blog posts

To limit image sharing only for single blog posts simply use selector

.single-post img

If it is needed to enable image sharing only to specific blog post use selector like

.single-post.postid-{ID} img

where {ID} - your blog post ID.

Single custom post type page

If you are using any custom post type and want to use image sharing only on that posts than use selector

.single-{post_type} img

where {post_type} - your custom post type slug.

If it is needed to enable image sharing only to specific post use selector

.single-{post_type}.postid-{ID} img

where {ID} - your post ID.

Enable sharing on all pages except someones

In the examples above we use selectors to enable image sharing on some pages and exclude on all others. But the selector option can be used and vice versa - exclude image sharing on specific pages and enable sharing on all other.

To use such rules you need to use a special css selector :not.

For example, we need to exclude images sharing for pages with ID 123 and enable it on all other pages. So just use selector

body:not(.page-id-123) img

So comes and for all other selector types. For example, to disable image sharing on archive pages and enable on all other please use

body:not(.archive) img