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Share exactly needed images with customizable content.


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Share Selected Image

Plugin will share in social networks only desired image. Not main page image, not image from og:image tag - only exactly desired image!
  • Share needed images

    Share exactly the image you choose.

  • Set image URL

    Want to share an image different from the one users see? No problem, specify any other image URL you want.

Share selected image

Customize sharing content

Customize sharing content in any way as you want
  • Title, description, page URL

    Set a custom title, description and URL that will be shared for every image.

  • Content sources

    Set source of content and its priority for shared title, description, page url and image.

  • Content variables

    Use special content variables to display price, category, tag, etc. value inside sharing content.

  • Custom content per button

    Create a unique title, description, URL, etc for each button.

Customize sharing content

Sharing buttons

Choose from 19 supported sharing buttons.

Choose What Images To Share

Choose what images can be shared and what must be excluded from sharing. Full control on your website sharing behavior.
  • Image filter

    Choose what images must be available for sharing.

  • Filter by page

    Disable/enable sharing on desired pages.

  • Filter by user

    Disable/enable sharing only for specific users/user roles.

Choose what to share

Not Only Images

Use plugin not only for image sharing. Apply it to any block. There is endless scope for creativity.
  • Apply to any block

    Use any custom block to enable sharing buttons for it.

  • Set image URL

    Set any image URL for this block that will be shared.

  • Display sharing button

    Additionally you can use shortcodes/functions to display a sharing button on any place of your site.

Not only images

Other Features

Check some other cool features.

Style options

Set of styling options – 5 predefined icons styles, horizontal or vertical view, offsets by x and y planes.

Buttons positions

Choose from several sharing buttons positions: on image hover, on image ( always show ), before image, after image.


Auto-scroll your visitors to the exact location of the image they came to see.

Mobile support

Works perfect both on desktop and mobile devices.

Dynamic content support

Plugin works fine with all kind of dynamic content. You have pop-up, slider or carousel that dynamically loads images? No matter, plugin will do his job.


Built-in support for Google Analytics to track all image shares.

Powerfull admin panel

All setting in one page. Change every aspect of plugin. No coding skill required.

Lightweight and fast

Very small and very powerfull. No tons of code, no useless extra-features. Only that what you really need.

Support and updates

This plugin is always under development and continues to offer more features with each release. You will always get newest updates and can rely on fast and quality support.

Our happy customers

Share This Image is currently being used on 2,000+ WordPress sites
and here’s what some of our clients are saying.
The best support
I had a small incidence with the plugin and fancybox and wrote to support to help me. They have not stopped helping me until we’ve got what I wanted! Awesome! I feel very grateful to the developer of this plugin. And the plugin is great, because it allows you to share a photo from a fancybox! It’s something I have not managed to do with any other plugin. Great everything!
Life saving plugin and support
I really needed image sharing on my gallery asap and all gallery plugins required the pro version for that option. This plugin saved the day! Also, the support is incredibly helpful.
Nice Image Sharing Plugin
This plugin helps me to use in my custom image sharing requirement , so for me this plugin is very useful.
Good Plugin and Top Class Support
The plugin is doing exactly what it must do, the support is top class and fast (I think support is at least as important as functionality).
Great Plugin and Support
The plugin works perfectly, especially if you are able to make good CSS selection. The best to do that, so far.
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