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Email sharing button and its options.

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Following article describes features available only with PRO plugin version.


Email button gives the option to quickly send an email with image and other custom content to any of visitors contacts.

There are two possible email buttons behaviors - open on click default email client for users OS or to display custom email form. To switch from these two possible actions use Email button option from the plugin settings page.

Email button option

Email button option

Custom email form

Custom email form

Email template

It is also possible to customize default content for this email. For this there is special option called Email Template in plugin settings page.

Email template customization

Email template customization

With its help you can customize Subject and Content for email. It is just default content that user will see after he click on email button. He can easy change it if he will want it.

There is several variables that you can use for building email template.

  • {{image_link}} - URL of shared image
  • {{page_link}} - URL of page where image are located ( current page URL )
  • {{title}} - title for image
  • {{summary}} - description of image

For example you want that default Subject for email must be equal to email title and Content for email must contain some text and link to shared image.

So Subject option must looks like


And Content can looks like that

Hi! Check out this cool image - {{image_link}}.
Example of email default content

Example of email default content