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Feature #1

Advanced Content Customization

Set what title, description and page URL must be used when sharing images. Set sources for this content and change their priority.
  • Custom title, description, page URL
  • Set sources for custom content and priority
  • Set unique content for each sharing button
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Advanced Content Customization
Feature #2

Content Variables

Use set of variables to customize shared content - {{title}}, {{description}}, {{url}}, {{data_title_attr}}, {{data_media_attr}}, {{title_attr}}, {{alt_attr}}, etc.
  • Content variables
  • Condition rules for content variables
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Content Variables
Feature #3

Individual Buttons Content

Customize sharing content individually for each sharing button. Create a unique title, description, URL, etc. for each of your sharing buttons.
  • Individual content for each button
  • Use content variables to customize sharing content
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Invividual Buttons Content
Feature #4

New Buttons

Even more sharing buttons to choose from.
  • Link button - copy image link
  • Email button - send image via email
  • Embed button - copy image embed code
  • Download button - give your users the option to download images
  • Print button - users can print selected images in one click
  • Houzz social button
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New Buttons
Feature #5

Styling Options

Make your social buttons unique with this set of customization options for styles.
  • Predefined styles for sharing buttons
  • Align sharing buttons to the left or right side
  • Vertical or horizontal buttons orientation
  • Buttons offsets
  • Mobile sharing buttons customization
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Styling options
Feature #6

Individual Buttons Styles

Set a unique style for each of your sharing buttons. It is possible to change default buttons background color, icon color, icon size, opacity.
  • Individual style for each button
  • Customizing styles for each button element
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Individual buttons styles
Feature #7

New Buttons Positions

Choose a total from 4 sharing buttons positions.
  • On Image position
  • On Image ( Hover ) position
  • Before Image position
  • After Image position
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New Buttons Positions
Feature #8

More Display Rules

Additional display rules for image sharing buttons. Even more flexibility in filtering images.
  • Page related conditions
  • User related conditions
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More display rules
Feature #9


Auto-scroll visitors that click on a shared image in social networks to the exact location of this image on the website.
  • Scroll down the page to the shared image
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The best support
I had a small incidence with the plugin and fancybox and wrote to support to help me. They have not stopped helping me until we’ve got what I wanted! Awesome! I feel very grateful to the developer of this plugin. And the plugin is great, because it allows you to share a photo from a fancybox! It’s something I have not managed to do with any other plugin. Great everything!
Life saving plugin and support
I really needed image sharing on my gallery asap and all gallery plugins required the pro version for that option. This plugin saved the day! Also, the support is incredibly helpful.
Nice Image Sharing Plugin
This plugin helps me to use in my custom image sharing requirement , so for me this plugin is very useful.
Good Plugin and Top Class Support
The plugin is doing exactly what it must do, the support is top class and fast (I think support is at least as important as functionality).
Great Plugin and Support
The plugin works perfectly, especially if you are able to make good CSS selection. The best to do that, so far.

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